Tuesday, October 3, 2017

From Husband to Daddy

Happy October! We like to call October "birthday month" around here since we both celebrate our birthdays this month. In fact, October 3 is the husband's birthday so I thought I'd share a little bit about the transition from husband to daddy that was made this year. (Yes, he's still my husband, but he's now affectionately called "Daddy" in our household.)

For Father's Day, Baby Fox and I picked out a shirt for Daddy that said "Real men change diapers." (Okay, I picked it out and Baby Fox is the one wearing diapers...) I expected us to have a good chuckle over this shirt since the husband changes diapers as much as I do when he's home. Neither of us expected the reaction that we get when we go out and the husband is wearing this shirt. People have given him the thumbs up, high fives, and tons of praise. It's definitely a conversation starter. For us, changing diapers comes with the roll of being a parent, regardless of gender.

Changing diapers is only one of the things that Daddy does for Baby Fox though. I've shared just a few of the ways Daddy has been there for Baby Fox this year.

Daddy was there from the beginning.

Daddy takes me to the zoo.

Daddy taught did tummy time with me.

Daddy is a pro at babywearing and makes a great teething toy.

Daddy makes me taller so that I can see new things.

Daddy teaches me about science and animals.

Daddy taught me about farm animals at the 4H fair.

Daddy plays music for me.
Daddy shows me the world.

Daddy pushes me on the swing.

Daddy shows me off at the zoo so that Mommy can get a photo for her blog post.

Daddy teaches me about history and lets me hold tools from long ago.

Daddy makes boring outings (car shopping) more fun with a balloon.

Daddy teaches me about his hobbies and lets me hold his bow.

Daddy makes sure I'm protected from the sun.

Daddy makes a great seat! He even comes with a built in arm rest.

Daddy shows me the animals at the zoo - even when I'd rather look at the plants.

Daddy makes sure we have fun in the corn maze and keeps me from eating the corn leaves.

Daddy reads me bedtime stories. He even makes up his own stories sometimes.
Happy birthday Daddy! I hope you enjoy the mini surprise party we planned for you. :) Don't worry - I won't tell anyone how old you are...unless they guess. Then, it's fair game!

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