Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ten Tips for Your Next Move

Moving is a regular part of military life. Some branches of the military move more than others. Most military families will experience at least one move. I say "most" because my dad is retired Air Force and we never moved. We were a rare exception though. I'm making up for it now as a military wife, with two moves in four years of marriage. I love learning new tips for moving, which is why I'm excited to bring you some awesome ones from Susan at Logical Living.

Being a military spouse, moving happens more often than you would like for it to happen. It can be hard and stressful to think about moving. You are leaving behind friends, jobs, and a lifestyle; yet we still manage to look forward to the move since it means new beginnings. Be positive and open minded for your upcoming move. There is never a right way to prepare for a military move, but there are some tips for how to make the move less stressful.

Start to prep your current living situation.

If you need to list your house find a realtor, get the house ready for pictures, and get it listed; the sooner the better! Talk to others that have been through it to find the best realtors in the area and find out what you need to do to make this process go smoothly. If you need to give a notice, make sure you give that notice as soon as you get orders.

De-clutter your house.

De-cluttering is something that most people hate or don’t want to do. The thing is you have a lot of stuff that you don’t need and when you move you are adding extra stuff to unpack later. Have a yard sale and get rid of things that you haven’t used in years; this will help take the pain away of unpacking excessive stuff you don’t use.

Hire people to move you.

A hiring people to help you move are the best thing ever, are the biggest thing and is honestly a time saver. The military pays for you to move, so why not take advantage of them doing it? You have enough on your plate. They will have the supplies and resources for the move so you can sit back.

Take photos of everything and keep receipts for big items. 

This is a must and is the biggest thing ever. Things can get damaged, or even lost, so make sure that you have yourself covered. Visit the new location before the move so you can become familiar with it: If you have time and are open to it, go make a visit and check out the place. You will want to check out local schools, houses, things to do, and even nearby stores and attractions. You will feel a sigh of relief knowing that you feel comfortable with the new move.

Pack bags for each kid/self to have with you.

First, make a list of all the items that you need to pack and bring with you before you get your stuff. It can take a while before you get your stuff, so ensure that you have anything you need! Pack everything that you need to live off (and then some), so you don’t need to run around purchasing things.

Don’t buy extra things before the move. 

This seems like a no brainer, but is a must. Find ways to use up the food that you have. Also, if you have windex, or other cleaning supplies make sure to pack those for you; the movers will not pack it. If you have a ton left of cleaning supplies then you will want to bring them; this will save you tons of money instead of going out and buying new stuff when you arrive.

Make sure to keep ALL receipts. 

Keep receipts for food, gas, lodging, just about anything. Typically you can get money back for it, or you can also deduct it from your taxes since this is all considered a moving expense. Double check with your accountant or travel expense company.

Realize your finances will be messed up for a little bit. 

Moving is not fun for anyone, no matter what. When you move things add up and you will be spending money and it will be hard to budget for quite sometime. This is when saving before moving comes in hand. If you set aside money 2-3 months before you move you wont have to dip into savings.

Relax, drink wine, and unpack.

Now that you have finally moved in you get to unpack and deal with all the other fun stuff. Relax and have a drink or two.. Hopefully you also remembered to get the ulities set up and turned on by a specific date!

Moving takes a toll on anyone, but especially when you are moving to another state or even country. The military is pretty wonderful and takes care of the move, and tries to make it go as smooth as possible. If you ever have any issues make sure to have the right person to contact so that they can make things right.

About the Author

Susan is the blogger behind Logical Living, a blog about life (DIY, frugal life, lifestyle, fashion, and parenting challenges). Logical Living is a parenting blog that shares the many things that go into the daily lives of the Liberatores. Head on over to Logical Living to learn more about Susan and her family.


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