Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Summer Bucket List

Summer is quickly approaching and the weather is slowly starting to signal it's approach. As the temperatures increase outside, I've been thinking about some of the things I would like to do as a family of three this summer before we become a family of four in the fall. I thought it would be fun to share some of these ideas in a bucket list post with you.

Family of four? Did you miss the announcement we made recently on Instagram? We're expecting our second baby in November of this year (2018) and we couldn't be more excited. (If you're new around here, our little guy is currently 15 months old. So, our little ones will be 21 months apart in age.) We know things are going to change with a new addition to the family, which is why I want to make this summer and the time leading up to this transition as fun-filled as possible. (Yes, I'm going to be one exhausted mama at the end of this summer!) Below you'll find some of the big things that made our bucket list for the summer.


We have a zoo membership to the Detroit Zoo and we love going.  It's about an hour drive and makes a nice family outing that doesn't cost us any extra money. I'd love to explore some of the other zoos that are within driving distance as well. We might have to plan that for early or late summer though when it's not as hot.


The library is an item that has been on my list for quite some time. I would love to start taking Baby Fox to their weekly story time. He loves to read and he loves meeting new people, so it seems like the perfect combination. We also need to a get a library card - that's something that's been on my list for way too long.


Winter in Michigan is harsh and getting outside is near impossible with a baby. Now that the weather is warming up, we're starting to explore the area and letting Baby Fox explore the many parks that are around. Some are more age appropriate than others. I would love to see how many parks we can find to play at this summer.

Splash Pad

There's a fun little splash pad at one of the local county parks. We discovered it last year when we went to the 4H Fair. At the time, Baby Fox was still too young for something like that. This year, he's the perfect age to splash around in some water (with proper adult supervision of course). It'll be the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day!


There are lots of trails near us and most of them have gone unexplored by us. We're looking to explore many of these this summer with Baby Fox tagging right alongside us.


There are so many festivals that happen in the area around us! I could spend time listing them all, but let's just say that if you can think it up, there's probably a festival to celebrate it. After all, the city closest to us is known for it's Bologna Festival that happens every year.


I grew up near the ocean, so when I think of "beach," I typically picture an ocean. There is no ocean nearby, but there is a beautiful lake with beaches of it's own. I am sure we'll explore at least one or two of them this summer. I'd also like to introduce Baby Fox to the wonders of a pool as well. You're never too young to start learning about water safety.


We put off a few small fireworks of our own last year for the Fourth of July. Baby Fox was slightly intrigued. This year, I'm hoping that we can take him to an actual show so that he can enjoy them in all of their splendor. After all, there's a different fireworks show almost every weekend.

Drive-In Movies

Last year, we discovered that there was a drive-in movie near us. We actually pulled off going to the movies with a four year old in the car. He slept through most of the movie and we got to see a couple of movies that were on our list. We're hoping to check out the drive-in again this year, but we're sure it will be a completely different experience with a one year old.


Last year, we bought a grill and enjoyed meals on it quite a few different times. This year, I'm hoping that we can use it even more. There's something special about meat and veggies that have been cooked on the grill instead of indoors.


This one probably should have been first on the list, since it is happening soon. This year, we'll be going on a camping trip with my MOPS group. It will be our first time camping with a toddler AND our first time camping with two dogs. It should be an interesting learning experience for us all.

What's on your bucket list for the summer? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below! Who knows - you might just inspire us to add something new to our list!

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